Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all appointments and interviews will now be conducted online, via phone and video conferencing. 


The best businesses want to make the world a better place.

The best professional wants to make a difference in their career. 


Our vision is to connect and inspire the two, to impact the lives of career professionals and business everywhere.

Welcome to Top Professional Recruits, we are a new kind of recruitment agency as we service aspiring professionals and ambitious businesses everywhere.


Technology has changed everything, and we need to adapt accordingly. The traditional recruitment agency is dying and limited to the number of people it can hire to meet today's challenging business demands. Hence why we work with freelance professional recruiters throughout the UK, with a specialism in almost every professional sector. 


For our team of specialist recruiters, we don't believe in targets, nor any quotas to achieve each month. We believe most target schemes reduce quality, increases stress and poor quality of service. Instead, we pay them the best in the industry.  Our specialist recruiters (whom we call "career ambassadors"), provide insight and guidance to professional candidates to meet the demands of business today. 


Both businesses and professionals are challenged more now than ever before. Global changes and the ongoing impact of political and economic uncertainty has only made it harder to predict how to plan for the future.


That is why having the right team, who have passionate ambitions and want to make a difference is the only way to keep ahead of any business uncertainties. 


Let us help you today and discuss where you want to be tomorrow.

Are you a recruitment agent

looking for "more" of everything?



The world is forever changing, and our impact on it is profound, its time we did something more than just talk about it. 


We firmly believe that we, as both individuals and businesses have a duty, and a responsibility to help both our societies and our planet. As many are aware of our drive at TopProfessionalRecruits; to give back through our initiative called the #GenerousRevolution. We are always looking for like-minded professionals to partner with, and to raise awareness on matters that concern us all.


We have recently come across Olga Ivannikova from Private Goodness, who has been helping businesses find a more ethical and responsible approach. Her focus on compliance and understanding about the impact in today's globally diverse world is now available through her course.


Please sign up to her award-winning course today to find out how your business can make a difference today, please see the link below. Thank you.


Founder and Director of Private Goodness, a London-based CSR consultancy

Olga Ivannikova

Private Goodness is an award-winning London-based corporate social responsibility consultancy.

It exists to help SMEs do more good and grow sustainably, combining social responsibility and business development services to achieve maximum social impact.

Every business is different so we offer bespoke solutions, including:

As part of the #GenerousRevolution, we are also passionate about people and the sustainable world, that is why we have embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of the United Nation Development Programme to help make the world a better place to live and work in.  


Ethics matter, join us to make a real difference in your business or professional career. 

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