So what is this #GenerousRevolution all about? 


In a nutshell, its about sharing the wisdom of optimistic and inspiring people, companies and communities from around the world.  


Sharing an idea or action, reaching out to someone stuck in a rut can be a life-changing moment for them, which sadly too often in the "me-me" culture, chooses to ignore. 


Our thoughts are about the collective "we"; meaning the rest of us. We believe positive ideas and actions are very powerful, and if we spread "generous" ideas, to help someone along their journey, then we've done our bit in the universe, and we've also nudged our society a little into a better place. 


It doesn't even have to be some grandiose idea, a simple helping hand to help someone on a train, to connecting someone with an expert who can genuinely help for absolutely nothing; but just for the good of it. Well, that's a novel idea I think. 


In the spirit of that innovative, inspiring and positive view of the #GenerousRevolution, we've created a hybrid business model here at Top Professional Recruits, allowing anyone to work with us under a freelance arrangement, giving them total freedom to work from any location but still receive great rewards as a professional recruiter. They can continue to work for multiple companies (under our flexible arrangement) allowing them to stay in control of what's best for them. 


It's different we know, as more and more businesses are beginning to adopt a more flexible working experience, granting a remote access work-place. We believe this is a positive way forward for serious-minded professional recruiters in all sectors, especially in this new digital age. 


So there you have it, we believe the individual has the power to change and achieve anything. By having a movement of such people imagine what can truly be achieved. 


It's all possible.

Finally, as we are passionate about people and the sustainable world, we have also embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of the United Nation Development Programme to help make the world a better place to live and work in.  Find out more here.


So next time you see something that inspires you, feel free to use the hashtag #GenerousRevolution, and let's share it with the world.  We hope you will join us on this journey to make the future brighter than yesterday.


Welcome to the GenerousRevolution; "inspiring ideas into action."



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