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Most recruiters make very little commission from each placement, not because they are poorly skilled but because of the complex targets methods and metrics to reach each month, quarter and year. Well, we like to keep it simple, the more placements you compete the greater the commission fee we pay you, starting from 30% to 70% from the fee's collected.


Work with us as a freelancer; we advise you not to give up your day job but to gain a supplemental income to your main income. Once you have started to earn regularly and substantial rewards are gained, then consider the step for total freedom on your own terms.


It's quick and easy, we have a monthly rolling agreement for all our freelancers, we even have a great company (Tapoly) to get your covered in terms of professional indemnity which takes a few clicks and your literally good to go!



We at TopProfessionalRecruits believe in the power of giving and sharing. It’s not about slogans or even fancy marketing campaigns that sets us apart from other businesses or recruitment agencies, but about our sheer ambition to change the way we work and live today, and also how we can help others along the way too. As you may have read, we call it the #GenerousRevolution.


Greed is not good, Generosity is better! 


From the fees that are generated we donate directly to your favourite charity on your behalf too! Yes, we pay your favourite charity from our pocket, but you get the credit. Every month we will share with you how much you have helped raise through the number of placement you have successfully made.


You can then use that figure to put on your LinkedIn profile as an increasing figure to show your passion for working with an ethically responsible business; whilst still helping the professional candidate and business alike. Its time for a more generous way of working and helping people. 


Together if we can all do our bit to make each life better, help society and businesses nudge its way to a brighter future, whilst looking after and supporting the vulnerable in our communities. 


It’s going to be an amazing journey, we hope you will join us in this new kind of revolution that will help build, supports and creates a healthier and more generous society for us all. 


We believe you deserve better, we hope to give you more!


If you're looking for flexibility and to work from home, giving you a better work-life-balance, then this is the perfect time for you to make that real change, and give your recruitment career a genuine boost!


  • Earn from 30% to 70% commission* 

  • Work the hours you want

  • Start earning your full potential from TODAY!

  • Back from a career break, this is perfect for you!

  • Work as a freelancer without the 9-5 constraints

  • Our cloud-based platform supports you throughout every process


You don't have to give up your day job either, that's a freedom we think you should make once you have earned more than your day job, in less time than your current 9-5. 


As you work on our cloud-based platform remotely, you decide how much time you wish to spend with us, without any restrictions or demands from us, except continue to be the awesome professional recruiter that YOU are!


Oh yes, there's also:


  • No targets

  • No KPI's

  • No big boss sitting over your head

  • No insane morning commute to the office 


Professional recruiters that are housebound due to ill health or injury can now also have their careers back.  We make it all possible from the comfort of your home computer or your smart device. 



We are a socially responsible business, be a part of an ethical business – that’s how we make the world a better place.


We support many worthy causes within society today, from each placement you make, we give back to the community we serve throughout the country with direct donations to your favourite charity.


Its the only way we feel it represents true fairness with integrity rewarding you for your hard efforts. 



Come and join us, and let's change the world together.


We are now one of the first recruitment services to be operating 100% in the cloud, with our "Career Ambassadors" (freelance consultants) having the freedom and flexibility to work from any location within the UK.


No more 9-5 to hold you back, as our technology is designed to help you reimagine your professional recruitment career.


We have invested heavily in future technologies to make this all happen, and to meet the future demands and the changing needs of the industry as a whole. It's time you re-imagined your recruitment career too.


Technology has now advanced to such a level that you no longer need to be in the office from 9am-5pm, in fact, you don't even need an office anymore either. Everything can now be done from the palm of your hand; your mobile device, or any computer. All you need is an internet connection and the world is your oyster!!

The future is to be self-employed; working as a freelancer within the ever-growing gig-economy. We help you get ready and start earning from the very start. It's easier than you think.


Here's what we are ideally looking for:


  • Professional recruiter with sector exertise

  • Passionate about people

  • Ideally 1 year or more experience as a recruitment consultant in an agency 

  • Exceptional communication skills,

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

  • Self-starter, highly motivated and organised

  • Career advice expert

  • Experienced in: new business development, sourcing and building long-term relationships with professional candidates and employers

  • Social media active

  • Loves life

  • Attention to detail

  • Of course, hungry to earn serious rewards!


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