Our Vision

Re-imagining recruitment for businesses and top professionals everywhere.  

Businesses matter to us, if they have the best resources and the most talented minds working with them, only success can come of it. Our passion to promote businesses with great visions with inspiring stories with our professional candidates and professional network everywhere is second to none.


When an inspiring and ethical business like yours is successful, everyone wins.  


Welcome to Top Professional Recruits; the NEW hybrid recruitment agency for professionals and successful businesses everywhere.


Hybrid recruitment agency?


We provide the same service as any other traditional recruitment agency here in London and across the UK, but we operate in a completely different way. We work with freelance professional recruiters throughout the UK, with a specialism in almost every professional sector. 


The traditional recruitment agency is limited to the number of people it can employ, and even more restricted in getting in the right recruitment experts. So our hybrid recruitment agency still provides the full service of a traditional recruitment agency, whilst opening unique opportunities for expert freelance professional recruiters to work alongside us; to support the ever-demanding needs of the business world.


We have worked tirelessly to bring the right technology on-board to make it all happen, and with our passion to help professional candidates and businesses everywhere. Our platform allows our professional freelance recruiters to work from anywhere within the UK; without the need for clocking in to the office by 9 am, or endure the crazy morning and evening commute to and from work. They are always fresh, ready and inspired to meet your business needs. 


We want all our professional recruiters to actually have better work-life harmony and balance too. They control and manage as they deem fit, giving them total freedom to serve our clients without any restrictions posed often by managers in offices.


Our agency works with professional freelance recruitment consultants in the UK, giving you direct access to some of the best professional recruiters in the business.


There are NO targets ever; monetary or otherwise, nor any metrics that our amazing professional recruiters (whom we call "career ambassadors") need to comply with, as we believe that they already have the necessary skill sets, temperament and professionalism to do the job, so target setting is quite nonsensical.


Welcome to the future of professional recruitment.  





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