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You don't even have to give up your day job, just start with one placement at a time and start enjoying the rewards from day one. 


We do not insist that you leave your day job, or any other for that matter. build up your stamina in working as a freelancer (self-employed) and as you grow in your confidence and style, and also as you start to enjoy the great rewards we offer, you can decide at a later date on when, or if, you wish to go all in with us. It's simply up to you.


Indemnity Insurance for Career Ambassadors 

(Freelance Recruiters)



Professional indemnity is important we have looked at various offers available and concluded that Tapoly  (Insurance company) provides suitable cover for the professional freelance recruiter.


Their commitment and passion to support the professional individual and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) are greatly admired by us. Whether you need cover for a week, a month, or even the whole year, just sign up using their easy to fill requirement form once, and with a click of a button, you're covered.


The process is completed straight from their website, and it's pay as you go professional indemnity insurance; so no long-standing complicated agreements or penalty clauses to come out; you’re in total control.


If you already have indemnity cover in place then great!  However, if you don't, then you can follow the link below to get fully covered for all the work-related insurance you might need. Tapoly has many other add-on insurance types too, such as public liability and business interruption, but don't just take our word for it - you can compare Tapoly's offering to those from other insurers before making your own decision.


By the way, we don't receive a referral fee or any other types of "kick-back" (commission) from Tapoly, we insist that any discounts or rewards are given directly to YOU!



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